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Jim + Lindsey | Worcester Library | Worcester MA | Doulos Photography | Central MA Wedding Photographer

From the very first contact we had with Jim and Lindsey about photography for their outdoor wedding, they were a blast to work with! David shot this wedding alone since Rhiannon is still recovering from her c-section, though she almost tried to come along anyway… We do love to work together 🙂

Jim and Lindsey planned a really special day and we are so grateful they allowed us to be a part of it. From getting ready at the Beechwood hotel, followed by a beautiful and meaningful ceremony on Worcester’s City Hall Common, their fun photos with the “turtle boy”, and a historic first-ever wedding reception at the Worcester Public library, the day was full of their personality.

Getting ready always takes a bit of doing, and in this case a bellhop cart came in quite handy for getting up and into the dress!


Jim and Lindsey picked out favorite books for the bridesmaids to carry down the aisle.  Keep your eyes open for peacock feathers, too, which hold special significance to the two of them.


It was really hot in the hotel room, so it didn’t take long before the door was propped open with a nearby rain boot.


We grabbed a couple of quick bridal portraits, and then I was off to the ceremony site.


The ceremony itself was beautiful. The rain even stopped just in time for guests to gather and held off just long enough for the last of the wedding party to make it inside for the reception!


Despite many last-minute challenges like having to find a new wedding cake the morning of, learning that the antique car they had booked to bring them to the ceremony wouldn’t come due to weather, and of course, the weather itself, Jim and Lindsey managed to keep level heads and have a great time!


This was not only a fun day for all, but an historic one as well – this was the first reception held at the Worcester Public Library, and it was featured in the T&G and on WorcesterMag.  Jim and Lindsey thought through everything, from a dictionary guest book, to book pages as place settings, lanterns and tea lights for ambiance, and more.  And man, do those two know how to have a party!


Well done, Jim and Lindsey, on a beautiful event and best wishes for the years to come!

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Peter+Kensie | Chapel Of The Cross | Westborough, MA | Doulos Photography | Central MA Wedding Photographer

You may recall that we recently took engagement photos for Peter and Kensie (see those here) in the snow and had a great time. Their wedding day was much different weather, thankfully 🙂

Both the ceremony and the reception were held at Chapel of the Cross in Westborough, MA where Kensie’s father is the pastor.  Peter’s brother (Andy Needham of the Andy Needham Band, check them out!) used to work at the church as well and he was the one to perform the ceremony.

The guys and girls stayed on opposite sides of the church to get ready – but both had lots of fun. They guys got to hang in the youth room, and the girls had the conference room. The conference room is a great place for brides to get ready and have portraits – there is so much natural light with the large windows overlooking the wooded area behind the church.


One of our favorite moments of the day was when dad saw Kensie for the first time – so sweet and special! Mom was able to be a part of this special time as well – though all others were kicked out for the special time.


The ceremony was beautiful – just like the bride!  All of the thought that went into every detail was astounding. We loved that the ceremony and the reception were both held inside the church. After the ceremony they had a cocktail hour in the foyer while helpers cleared the chairs out of the sanctuary from the ceremony. Then, the party moved back into the sanctuary where there was food and dancing, not to mention a live band.


While all of that was happing inside, we were outside with the wedding paryt. We had a blast with them – they were so fun and easy going.


All in all a fantastic wedding for a fantastic couple – many years of happiness you guys!


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Nate + Eileen Love Birds – Winter Wedding in Houghton, NY

Eileen and Rhiannon have been friends since college. Technically they met freshman year where they attended college in western NY state, and technically they were the same major and had lots of classes together, and technically they worked together in the summers in a wilderness program; but they didn’t technically become friends (if you ask them) until after graduation when they took a 3 week road trip across the states together. Nothing bonds people like cramped spaces for an extended period of time! Because of these strong ties, Rhiannon was one of the bridesmaids in Eileen’s wedding (as Eileen had been for Rhiannon) this December.

We’ve been hearing about Nate from Eileen for years – and by the time we met him we already knew he was a great match for our friend. The longer we’ve known him, the more sure we are in that opinion! Weso excited about this new life they’ve started together and are thrilled to see where God is taking them next – and so glad we get to witness it all!

We started our day together at Eileen’s house where the girls were together getting ready for the day – all of them knowing each other from their college days. David got to split his time in the morning as he eventually made his way to Houghton Wesleyan Church in Houghton, NY where the ceremony was being held – and also where the guys had gathered to get ready. Rhiannon stayed with the ladies and in between getting ready and helping the other girls, was also able to capture some more photos.


The ceremony was wonderful – being performed by a great and longtime friend and mentor to Eileen. Houghton Wesleyan is also a beautiful church – and being so close to Christmas, was decorated just beautifully for their ceremony!


After the ceremony, we went to Letchworth State Park in Perry, NY for some photos in the cold, wind, and snow – then onto the reception at Anastassia Events in Portageville, NY. It’s a beautiful old catholic church converted to an event hall.


Such a fun and lovely day! So thrilled for these two, thanks for letting us be a part of your day in two special ways!

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Neil + Jodi | Fort Wetherill State Park | Jamestown, RI | Doulos Photography | Central MA Wedding Photographer

David, Neil, and Jodi have been friends for a long time – they all went to college together (kind of . . . Neil was a super-senior when they met and David and Jodi were both freshman). David and Neil rowed crew together and Jodi was a coxswain for them. That’s how it all started. Of course, Neil and Jodi both dated other people at different times for years. But, they were the best of friends – Neil even went on family vacations with Jodi’s family a time or two, and Jodi would accidentally call boyfriends “Neil” now and again. Then, finally, they were both single at the same time and came to their senses, started dating, bought a house, and now they’re married!  (What comes next guys? What does the song say? First comes love, then comes marriage . . . )

These two decided to keep their guest list to a minimum – we were 2 of 11 in attendance. David served as both best man and “unofficial” photographer (he’s that amazing). And despite our best efforts to get it out of them, none of us knew where the wedding ceremony would be held until we got there!  All we were told was a time to show up at their house, then we carpooled to the site in Jamestown, RI: Fort Wetherill State Park. We all walked down a short path to the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean where they exchanged their vows. It was beautiful!

The day was exceptionally warm and sunny, so we were all happy to gather at a local restaurant to celebrate the union together over delicious food and drink. The celebration didn’t stop there – many of us spent the weekend at their house with all sorts of festivities planned. We went to Water Fire in Providence, RI (if you haven’t been to one, you should go!) on Saturday night. Sunday they took us kayaking in North Kingstown, RI. We didn’t get photos of the rest of the festivities, we were too busy enjoying them ourselves 🙂 But, have a look for yourselves to see just how beautiful this small wedding was!


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