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Baby Annabeth – Newborn Session – Marlborough MA

Annabeth holds an extra special place in our hearts: our good friends Lars and Beth told us they were expecting their first baby the same day we shared our exciting news with them! Beth was due 3 weeks after me – in late August.  We even joked that I could potentially have a July baby since I was due August 5, and Beth could potentially have a September baby.  Well, Annabeth decided to make her appearance early and prove us wrong – she came an astounding 5 weeks early!  Thankfully all was well with her, although she did score herself a 10-day stay in the NICU to make sure her bilirubin levels were normal.

Beth is a bit different from me: she’s a planner and pays close attention to details.  She is so on top of things, that she had a birth plan ready and was even already packed for the hospital long before Annabeth’s arrival. She was not, however, planning on a super-quick delivery (we’re talking just hours after their arrival at the hospital) or such an early one! She handled all those wrenches thrown in her plans with such grace! What a woman (and don’t forget it Lars!)

We loved spending the afternoon with Annabeth, Lars and Beth in their home. I’m sure there will be many more in years to come and David and I look forward to watching our girls grow together. Thanks for letting me help tell part of your story!


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Baby Ellie – Newborn Session – Boylston, MA

David and I had our first baby! Our sweet little Ellie came into the world right on her due date – of course, it was a scheduled C-section since she refused to turn head-down. There were many attempts by the Doctor and Chiropractor, as well as other interesting methods tried at home (moxibustion, baths, swimming, standing on my hands in the pool, and David using pressure points on my toes, to name a few). But, to no avail – she remained breech.

A C-section is certainly not what we were hoping for, but thankfully we had the option with modern medicine and it worked out fine. The practice and hospital we delivered with were awesome and allowed many things that made this experience more like a natural birth than many c-sections are. (for more information about how a c-section CAN be, watch this video) For instance, I was able to have skin to skin time right away with her! And, thanks to being born in this way, her head is amazingly round! We obviously think she’s beautiful – you can judge for yourselves (but don’t tell us if you disagree). She was just 11 days old when we took newborn photos of her.


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David + Rhiannon – Maternity Session – Clinton, MA

We did manage to sneak in some time to get more maternity photos taken before this little one’s arrival – and this time we included David 🙂

This time we went to the Wachusett Reservoir Dam in Clinton, MA. It’s a beautiful location with a large dam on the Wachusett Reservoir. We don’t live too far from here and often will stop to watch the sunset over the water in the evenings – it’s always so gorgeous! It always makes me a little sad that we’re not allowed to boat on the water since it’s the drinking water for Boston. Nonetheless, if you’ve never been to the Wachusett Reservoir or the Dam, you should stop by sometime – it’s beautiful!

This day we didn’t spend too long there – it was HOT and I am VERY pregnant! But, we did manage to get some great shots in a short amount of time – see for yourself.


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Rhiannon Maternity Session – Boylston, MA

We’re expecting our first baby – a girl – this August and we’re super-excited!!! We had hoped to do a maternity session back in June, but life got away from us – as happens frequently, and we just now got some taken – at 36 weeks! I guess we like to cut it close 🙂 We did travel to OH and back at 35 weeks, so what’s the rush with the photos? 🙂

We got a late start the day we chose to do the shoot. We stayed close to home since we were trying to beat the sunset and we even visited some places we’ve been to before (I told you we’d be back here!) and others that we’ll likely visit again!

Hopefully we’ll get some with David in them too before we deliver this wee one 🙂 For now, here’s some of our favorites of the ones we got of just me.


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Nickerson 1 year anniversary portraits

We were so grateful to spend some time with this couple around their first anniversary.  To start our evening off with the Nickersons, we met at Atlantic Union College in Lancaster, MA. There are some beautiful grounds and buildings on campus that we had so much fun with! Of course, these two are so playful anyway, I think we would have fun with them anywhere!


We migrated to the Old Stone Church in West Boylston, MA just before sunset for some more fun.  This is not only a beautiful location for photos of any kind, but this is also where he proposed to her, so it’s extra special for these two.  You should definitely read their proposal story here.


She also owns her own business hand stamping flatware and decided to bring some along for the shoot. Aren’t they cute?!


To end our great time together we got to experience a beautiful sunset over the reservoir. What a great time with such fun folks!


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Neil + Jodi | Fort Wetherill State Park | Jamestown, RI | Doulos Photography | Central MA Wedding Photographer

David, Neil, and Jodi have been friends for a long time – they all went to college together (kind of . . . Neil was a super-senior when they met and David and Jodi were both freshman). David and Neil rowed crew together and Jodi was a coxswain for them. That’s how it all started. Of course, Neil and Jodi both dated other people at different times for years. But, they were the best of friends – Neil even went on family vacations with Jodi’s family a time or two, and Jodi would accidentally call boyfriends “Neil” now and again. Then, finally, they were both single at the same time and came to their senses, started dating, bought a house, and now they’re married!  (What comes next guys? What does the song say? First comes love, then comes marriage . . . )

These two decided to keep their guest list to a minimum – we were 2 of 11 in attendance. David served as both best man and “unofficial” photographer (he’s that amazing). And despite our best efforts to get it out of them, none of us knew where the wedding ceremony would be held until we got there!  All we were told was a time to show up at their house, then we carpooled to the site in Jamestown, RI: Fort Wetherill State Park. We all walked down a short path to the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean where they exchanged their vows. It was beautiful!

The day was exceptionally warm and sunny, so we were all happy to gather at a local restaurant to celebrate the union together over delicious food and drink. The celebration didn’t stop there – many of us spent the weekend at their house with all sorts of festivities planned. We went to Water Fire in Providence, RI (if you haven’t been to one, you should go!) on Saturday night. Sunday they took us kayaking in North Kingstown, RI. We didn’t get photos of the rest of the festivities, we were too busy enjoying them ourselves 🙂 But, have a look for yourselves to see just how beautiful this small wedding was!


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