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Baby Annabeth – Newborn Session – Marlborough MA

Annabeth holds an extra special place in our hearts: our good friends Lars and Beth told us they were expecting their first baby the same day we shared our exciting news with them! Beth was due 3 weeks after me – in late August.  We even joked that I could potentially have a July baby since I was due August 5, and Beth could potentially have a September baby.  Well, Annabeth decided to make her appearance early and prove us wrong – she came an astounding 5 weeks early!  Thankfully all was well with her, although she did score herself a 10-day stay in the NICU to make sure her bilirubin levels were normal.

Beth is a bit different from me: she’s a planner and pays close attention to details.  She is so on top of things, that she had a birth plan ready and was even already packed for the hospital long before Annabeth’s arrival. She was not, however, planning on a super-quick delivery (we’re talking just hours after their arrival at the hospital) or such an early one! She handled all those wrenches thrown in her plans with such grace! What a woman (and don’t forget it Lars!)

We loved spending the afternoon with Annabeth, Lars and Beth in their home. I’m sure there will be many more in years to come and David and I look forward to watching our girls grow together. Thanks for letting me help tell part of your story!


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