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Peirce Family – Lexington, MA

It’s getting closer to Christmas and families are still getting in to have photos taken for their cards! One of these is the Peirce family. Actually, it’s just the kids and grandkids – mom and dad chose not to join us since they wanted to just show off their amazing kids and cuties this year!

The day was cold  with lots of wind, but thankfully sunny. All of these guys were such troopers, especially the kids who were both recovering from colds! We spent our time at Minute Man National Historic Park in Lexington, MA and we worked fast to try to keep warm!

The oldest in the family is married with her own family, so we spent some time capturing just them – as well as just the kiddos.


We were sure to get all of the adult kids together.


And some of the whole family.


Don’t forget individual photos for mom either.


We had a great time in a beautiful place and hope to see these folks again soon! Merry Christmas to all!

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