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L Family Portraits, Bolton MA

We met the L family at one of our favorite spots in Bolton, MA – Bower Springs. There are so many fantastic places to capture some beautiful photographs, but note that if anyone is afraid of dogs this isn’t the place to go. That’s one of the reasons we know of it – our pup Molly loves to run and play here with all the other dogs that will inevitably be there on any given day.

Mom did a great job coordinating everyone’s outfits without dressing everyone alike. I love their clothing choices! There are several ways to go about this process. One is to pick a favorite outfit for one member of the family and then choose all other outfits and colors based on that one choice. This can be an outfit for mom (since, let’s face it, mom is usually the one making these sorts of choices anyway), or a favorite outfit for the baby, etc.

Another option to aid you in the clothing choice process is to choose a color palette that you like. We like www.design-seeds.com but there are plenty of places to look (you can google it!). Once you find a palette you like, then choose the outfits based on those colors. This is the method mom used for this photo session.

I love how mom had everyone layer colors and used some simple patterns on others as well. It made for a very cohesive, but especially with such a large family, not a boring look.

It was threatening rain most of the time we were there, but that didn’t stop us all from having a great time. It took a bit to get the youngest girl to warm up to us and the camera, but we did eventually get some of that sweet smile from her.


The family as a whole is so photogenic and one of our favorites!


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