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Byler Family Mini Session – West Boylston, MA

We love spending time with the Byler family. And that’s just what we got to do once again on a lovely Saturday recently at the Old Stone Church in West Boylston, Massachusetts. We’ve been here before, and we’ll probably be back — this is a favorite location of ours.  The church is beautiful and so are the rest of the grounds.  We love watching their boys grow and change each year – they are so darn cute! Last year we went to them; this year they decided to come to us.

We caught the peak of fall foliage . . . as did many other photographers. We were just one of at least four photo sessions happening that morning at this location. We’re so glad we have such fun, cute, and flexible clients 🙂
If you’ve never been a part of one of our sessions, we love to vary the speed. We will often start by walking around a bit to help the kids (and parents) get used to us and the camera and loosen up a little bit. Throughout the session we also stop at various locations for some posed shots, but we love to capture the in-between. Kids love to run and play, obviously, so we try to get some of those shots as well. Mom and dad came prepared this year with gummy bears as incentive for the boys to cooperate and smile for the camera. It worked great. And don’t forget monkey, you’ll see him in several of the pictures if you look for him.
Thank you Bylers!  We’re so thankful for you and for spreading the word about us!
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Baby Edie – Newborn – North Kingstown, RI

Neil and Jodi are not new to this blog– you can check out their wedding which we photographed in 2012. This fall we were blessed to be able to go back and meet their newest family member – little Edith Ann. What a precious bundle of joy with reddish peach fuzz hair. We fell in love instantly! And apparently so did Rosco, one of their dogs – he was very protective of her the whole time we were around and very curious about what we were doing.

One of the hazards of newborn sessions will be no surprise to any parents reading this, but for the rest of you just be warned that when exposed to even slightly different temperature air (for example- when removing a diaper to get capture that adorable newborn skin in all its glory) babies have a tendency to relieve themselves all over whoever happens to be nearby.  Both Mom and Dad were recipients of this special little gift during this session, but neither David nor I got hit… this time.  We weren’t there long to take photos – we ran out of light pretty quickly, but were so glad we got some in time! She’s a doll – take a look!


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Jim + Lindsey | Worcester Library | Worcester MA | Doulos Photography | Central MA Wedding Photographer

From the very first contact we had with Jim and Lindsey about photography for their outdoor wedding, they were a blast to work with! David shot this wedding alone since Rhiannon is still recovering from her c-section, though she almost tried to come along anyway… We do love to work together 🙂

Jim and Lindsey planned a really special day and we are so grateful they allowed us to be a part of it. From getting ready at the Beechwood hotel, followed by a beautiful and meaningful ceremony on Worcester’s City Hall Common, their fun photos with the “turtle boy”, and a historic first-ever wedding reception at the Worcester Public library, the day was full of their personality.

Getting ready always takes a bit of doing, and in this case a bellhop cart came in quite handy for getting up and into the dress!


Jim and Lindsey picked out favorite books for the bridesmaids to carry down the aisle.  Keep your eyes open for peacock feathers, too, which hold special significance to the two of them.


It was really hot in the hotel room, so it didn’t take long before the door was propped open with a nearby rain boot.


We grabbed a couple of quick bridal portraits, and then I was off to the ceremony site.


The ceremony itself was beautiful. The rain even stopped just in time for guests to gather and held off just long enough for the last of the wedding party to make it inside for the reception!


Despite many last-minute challenges like having to find a new wedding cake the morning of, learning that the antique car they had booked to bring them to the ceremony wouldn’t come due to weather, and of course, the weather itself, Jim and Lindsey managed to keep level heads and have a great time!


This was not only a fun day for all, but an historic one as well – this was the first reception held at the Worcester Public Library, and it was featured in the T&G and on WorcesterMag.  Jim and Lindsey thought through everything, from a dictionary guest book, to book pages as place settings, lanterns and tea lights for ambiance, and more.  And man, do those two know how to have a party!


Well done, Jim and Lindsey, on a beautiful event and best wishes for the years to come!

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D Family – Hopkinton, MA

The D family contacted us recently to have photos taken – partly for their Christmas cards, and of course, to have the memories captured in time.

We decided to meet at Hopkinton State Park in Hopkinton, MA. Having never been there, we went a day or two earlier and found some lovely locations we hoped to use on the day of the shoot.

The day we met them, it was a beautiful sunny day – too sunny! Capturing photos is always easier on a cloudy day, it helps to eliminate harsh shadows and gives a much more even lighting. We worked with what we were given though – and had fun in the process.

It took a bit to get the kids to act natural in front of the camera. We had to use great teamwork this day – David focused (no pun intended) on the camera and Rhiannon did great occupying the kids – she had them throw leaves since they wanted to play with them anyway – and boy did it pay off – look at those smiles!


As the parents loosened up, dad really go into it too and started throwing out some great suggestions for poses and shots. Maybe he should consider a career switch??


We such a fun time with this sweet family – we hope they did too!

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Swenson Family – OC, CA

We went on vacation recently to Orange County, CA to visit David’s sister, her husband, and their 3 children. We were fortunate to be able to spend 10 fun-filled days with them – and just before sunset on one of those days, we were privileged to be able to shoot some family photos for them.

As anyone who has ever tried to take photos of small children knows, it’s nearly impossible to get them all looking at the camera at the same time. We had several tricks up our sleeves that we tried that day. From telling them there’s a fun bug in the camera lens and asking if they can see it too, to being completely ridiculous.

Rhiannon got a great workout this day as David was shooting – she stayed directly behind him and danced like a fool and made silly faces. David pretended not to know she was doing anything and would glance back every now and again and she would stop immediately. This of course brought great delight to the two oldest especially. They giggled and giggled and tried to tell him what Aunt Rhiannon was doing, but he never caught her. It worked like a charm – at least on these two oldest – the youngest apparently thought she was completely crazy, but was definitely looking in the direction of the camera nonetheless. Mom and dad may have been a bit embarrassed to be seen with us 🙂 Ahh, the things we do for our craft!

The adults and kids alike did great – especially since this particular park we were at is one where they often visit to play on the play structure! I believe the words from the oldest as we were walking back toward the van and he veered off toward the play structure were: “but we didn’t come here to take pictures, we came here to play!”


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Sarah – Outdoor Senior Session – Berlin MA

Sarah is a super sweet girl that we met through church – her youth director is one of our friends and introduced us when Sarah was looking for a photographer to shoot her senior photos. She is a senior at Algonquin Senior High School in Northborough, MA and headed to Chicago for college next year. We’ll miss seeing her face at church!

The day of the shoot, we met Sarah and her mother, Hanne (it’s obvious where Sarah gets her beauty from – both inside and out!) at a local conservation area – Berlin Meadows in the center of the town of Berlin, MA. This is a gem of a place – very easy to find, being right on Rt 62. It has a wide open field, a gorgeous stone wall, beautiful flower beds, and trees and trails to boot.


When we left Berlin Meadows, we headed up the road to a railroad crossing (who doesn’t love some railroad track shots?) where we also found a nice brick shack that provided a great backdrop as well. It was so interesting, I’m sure we’ll be visiting here again in the future.


All in all, this was a great day with these lovely ladies – we can’t wait to get to know them better!

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L Family Portraits, Bolton MA

We met the L family at one of our favorite spots in Bolton, MA – Bower Springs. There are so many fantastic places to capture some beautiful photographs, but note that if anyone is afraid of dogs this isn’t the place to go. That’s one of the reasons we know of it – our pup Molly loves to run and play here with all the other dogs that will inevitably be there on any given day.

Mom did a great job coordinating everyone’s outfits without dressing everyone alike. I love their clothing choices! There are several ways to go about this process. One is to pick a favorite outfit for one member of the family and then choose all other outfits and colors based on that one choice. This can be an outfit for mom (since, let’s face it, mom is usually the one making these sorts of choices anyway), or a favorite outfit for the baby, etc.

Another option to aid you in the clothing choice process is to choose a color palette that you like. We like www.design-seeds.com but there are plenty of places to look (you can google it!). Once you find a palette you like, then choose the outfits based on those colors. This is the method mom used for this photo session.

I love how mom had everyone layer colors and used some simple patterns on others as well. It made for a very cohesive, but especially with such a large family, not a boring look.

It was threatening rain most of the time we were there, but that didn’t stop us all from having a great time. It took a bit to get the youngest girl to warm up to us and the camera, but we did eventually get some of that sweet smile from her.


The family as a whole is so photogenic and one of our favorites!


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