Hoffman Family Farm

If you remember, we donated a family mini photo session for a benefit in honor of my cousin back in November. The lucky winner really wanted photos of her son and grandson. So, just before Christmas while we were in Canaseraga visiting my side of the family, we were able to meet them at the family farm. What a beautiful place! I asked to move it – and I wasn’t kidding 🙂

It was a wonderful snowy day – almost too snowy as they live on a hill and we don’t have 4 wheel drive in our Yaris 😉 We managed to make it up the hill and started in the house. Mom (grandma) is an artist (or at least was in high school when she painted the trees on the wall in the this photo) – I also volunteered to take that off their hands if they ever need to get rid of it (I found all sort of things I fell in love with there!) Isn’t it amazing?!


After our beginning inside, we managed to talk them into venturing out into the snow and I’m glad we did. We had a blast (I hope they did too)!


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