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Baby Ryckie Benefit – Canaseraga NY

Rhiannon’s cousin Amy passed away early last year from pancreatic cancer. She was diagnosed the spring before – it moved so fast! To make it extra devastating, her partner had their first baby girl less than two weeks prior to her passing.

I had the privilege of working with Amy last year (the year she got sick) at Lincoln-Sudbury High School. It is a true testament of how good she was at her job to see how much her students and coworkers loved her!

Baby Ryckie (who’s first name is actually Amy – after her mother) is a beautiful, smart, fun girl, just like Amy and Lindsey. As a memorial to Amy, her family decided to host a benefit and give all the proceeds to baby Ryckie. It will be held in Canaseraga where we grew up – at the American Legion, on November 10. If you’re close by, be sure to stop in!

And, if you do go, you can have a chance to win a mini session from us! We’re donating a 30 minute family session to be held on December 14 at 9am – we’ll be in NY that weekend to celebrate Christmas with my side of the family. Be sure to have fun at the benefit for us – we can’t make it 🙁

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Baby Edie – Newborn – North Kingstown, RI

Neil and Jodi are not new to this blog– you can check out their wedding which we photographed in 2012. This fall we were blessed to be able to go back and meet their newest family member – little Edith Ann. What a precious bundle of joy with reddish peach fuzz hair. We fell in love instantly! And apparently so did Rosco, one of their dogs – he was very protective of her the whole time we were around and very curious about what we were doing.

One of the hazards of newborn sessions will be no surprise to any parents reading this, but for the rest of you just be warned that when exposed to even slightly different temperature air (for example- when removing a diaper to get capture that adorable newborn skin in all its glory) babies have a tendency to relieve themselves all over whoever happens to be nearby.  Both Mom and Dad were recipients of this special little gift during this session, but neither David nor I got hit… this time.  We weren’t there long to take photos – we ran out of light pretty quickly, but were so glad we got some in time! She’s a doll – take a look!


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