Baby Ellie – Newborn Session – Boylston, MA

David and I had our first baby! Our sweet little Ellie came into the world right on her due date – of course, it was a scheduled C-section since she refused to turn head-down. There were many attempts by the Doctor and Chiropractor, as well as other interesting methods tried at home (moxibustion, baths, swimming, standing on my hands in the pool, and David using pressure points on my toes, to name a few). But, to no avail – she remained breech.

A C-section is certainly not what we were hoping for, but thankfully we had the option with modern medicine and it worked out fine. The practice and hospital we delivered with were awesome and allowed many things that made this experience more like a natural birth than many c-sections are. (for more information about how a c-section CAN be, watch this video) For instance, I was able to have skin to skin time right away with her! And, thanks to being born in this way, her head is amazingly round! We obviously think she’s beautiful – you can judge for yourselves (but don’t tell us if you disagree). She was just 11 days old when we took newborn photos of her.


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