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Neil + Jodi | Fort Wetherill State Park | Jamestown, RI | Doulos Photography | Central MA Wedding Photographer

David, Neil, and Jodi have been friends for a long time – they all went to college together (kind of . . . Neil was a super-senior when they met and David and Jodi were both freshman). David and Neil rowed crew together and Jodi was a coxswain for them. That’s how it all started. Of course, Neil and Jodi both dated other people at different times for years. But, they were the best of friends – Neil even went on family vacations with Jodi’s family a time or two, and Jodi would accidentally call boyfriends “Neil” now and again. Then, finally, they were both single at the same time and came to their senses, started dating, bought a house, and now they’re married!  (What comes next guys? What does the song say? First comes love, then comes marriage . . . )

These two decided to keep their guest list to a minimum – we were 2 of 11 in attendance. David served as both best man and “unofficial” photographer (he’s that amazing). And despite our best efforts to get it out of them, none of us knew where the wedding ceremony would be held until we got there!  All we were told was a time to show up at their house, then we carpooled to the site in Jamestown, RI: Fort Wetherill State Park. We all walked down a short path to the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean where they exchanged their vows. It was beautiful!

The day was exceptionally warm and sunny, so we were all happy to gather at a local restaurant to celebrate the union together over delicious food and drink. The celebration didn’t stop there – many of us spent the weekend at their house with all sorts of festivities planned. We went to Water Fire in Providence, RI (if you haven’t been to one, you should go!) on Saturday night. Sunday they took us kayaking in North Kingstown, RI. We didn’t get photos of the rest of the festivities, we were too busy enjoying them ourselves 🙂 But, have a look for yourselves to see just how beautiful this small wedding was!


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